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Will My Workers’ Compensation Case Hurt My Employer?

Posted by Liz Delsa | Mar 07, 2024 | 0 Comments

Many of us develop an attachment to our jobs and the people we work with. Sometimes, we've accepted a friend's offer to work for them; other times, we just really enjoy what we do and who we work with and want to do everything we can to help the company we work for succeed.

If we're injured in a workplace accident in Louisiana, our feelings for our employer might give us second thoughts about filing a workers' compensation claim. Or our boss might come to us asking us not to file a claim because “it will hurt the company.” So, what can really happen to our employer if we file that claim?

What Affects the Cost of Workers' Compensation Insurance?

The vast majority of businesses in Louisiana purchase workers' compensation insurance from one of the many insurance companies licensed to issue workers' compensation policies in Louisiana, or from a Workers' Compensation Group Self-Insurance Fund approved by the state. The price of this insurance for any employer will vary based on factors such as:

- Number of employees

- Total annual payroll

- The types of work that employees do

- The employer's past accident history

As a result, different companies will pay different premiums for their workers' compensation insurance, just as different drivers may pay different premiums for their car insurance.

What Happens When an Employee Files a Workers' Compensation Insurance Claim?

In some cases, nothing will happen if one worker files a workers' compensation insurance claim. Just as your auto insurance company may not change your rates because you submit a claim after your first crash, your employer's workers' compensation insurance rates may stay the same after you file your claim.

If, however, an employer has an increase in the number of employees filing claims for workers' compensation benefits, it's likely the employer's rates will increase – just as your auto insurance rates are likely to rise if you're in several accidents or receive too many traffic tickets. Insurers will charge more where there is more risk involved, and an employer whose employees file more claims than they did in the past will be viewed as a higher – and more expensive – risk than an employer whose employees don't file many claims.

Higher Rates Can Benefit Employers and Employees

In the short term, having to pay more for workers' compensation insurance will be an extra burden for any employer. But if it forces them to take a closer look at the workplace and introduce changes to improve worker safety – changes that result in fewer workers' compensation claims – in the long run, their rates are likely to decrease, with the added benefit of having fewer employees injured on the job.

Take Advantage of Your Workers' Compensation Benefits.

What this means for you is that if you're injured on the job, it makes sense to use the insurance that Louisiana law requires your employer to carry. You have a right to workers' compensation benefits when you're injured in a workplace accident. These benefits include medical and rehab coverage, reimbursement for lost wages while you're out of work recuperating, and long-term benefits if your injury is serious and will prevent you from working for an extended period. It simply makes sense to get the benefits you're entitled to, just as it makes sense to expect your employer to have a safe workplace.

The Delsa Law Firm, LLC, Can Help You With Your Workers' Compensation Claim

If you have been injured in an on-the-job accident in Louisiana, contact the Delsa Law Firm, LLC, for help. Attorney Delsa has helped hard-working people all over Louisiana get the workers' compensation benefits they're entitled to in cases where employers or their insurance companies have refused or prematurely terminated coverage. No matter where you live – Louisiana, Mississippi, or elsewhere – if you work in Louisiana, you're covered by the state's Workers Compensation Law, and in cases where you're entitled to benefits, you deserve to receive them. Call the Delsa Law Firm, LLC, today at (985) 882-1222, or use our contact form to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help. Our office is easy to reach, just off of I-12 in Slidell.

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